Your ceremony, your way

Ceremony Fees

Fees vary for each celebration and may range from $200 - $700+.  Travel fees may apply.  

Life Milestone Celebrations

Life brings us many  opportunities to celebrate.  Milestones are what we each choose  them to be and carry whatever  meaning and sentiment we wish  to attach to them.  It is my pleasure to assist you in  marking any Milestone in a way  that is all your own.

- Baby Blessings

- Child Welcoming

- Coming of Age 
- Croning Ceremonies

- Transgender Transition 
- Anniversary

- Vow Renewal

- Divorce

- Blessing/Welcoming of Animals

- Pet Memorials 
- Seasonal Celebrations
- New Home

- Retirement    

- Downsizing
- Meditation and Mindfulness for small groups